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Model No.:GPS Tracking software


·Multi-user, multi-windows management

·Able to controlling more than 10000 vehicles

·One user can manage many vehicles also

·Monitoring your vehicles real-time and the trace will show on map

·display history trace record on the map

·The SOS help info of vehicles can show on screen

·Report : Speed report, mileage report , alarm report, fuel level repor  t,engine on/off report,temperature report, history trace report

·Geo-fence function,set different shape geo-fence

·Administrator’s function: take charge for all user, whole vehicles and Fleet management



·Configuration Requirements for GPS Tracking Software
Server Hardware Configuration:
Hard disk:60G
IP:A separate IP

·Server Software Configuration:
System:Windows 2003/2008
Microsoft.NET Framework:3.5
Internet Information Services(IIS):6.0/7.0
Decompression software

·Other Configuration:
Domain (Need to point to the installed server)

·Recommendation for GPS Tracking Software:

Memory: 2G (Or Higher)
Hard disk: 80G (Or Higher)
System: Windows 2003/2008(English) (Or Higher)
Internet Information Services(IIS) 6.0 (Or Higher)
Database: MSSQL2005(English) (Or Higher)
CPU: Dual-Core2 @ 2.5GHz (Or Higher